Tyce is 2.

He's inquisitive, into everything, outgoing, determined, endearing and finally learning some words. The best part? He's healthy. I haven't posted about Hirschsprungs in a long time, largely because he began to thrive and we were mercifully able to allow it to sink into the background of living. We have experienced another bout with enterocolitis in December 2015 (when … Continue reading Tyce is 2.


Enterocolitis after Hirschsprungs Pull-Through Surgery

As I was organizing my Hirschsprungs entries recently, I realized that my posts about Tyce's Hirschsprungs journey continually receive visitors. My heart goes out to those of you who find these entries as the result of a Google search, working to educate yourself about Hirschsprungs, maybe for your child? Recently I re-googled the disease, aware … Continue reading Enterocolitis after Hirschsprungs Pull-Through Surgery